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Shoalhaven Poultry Auction

Next Auction Details 
Venue: Berry Poultry Pavilion located at the Berry
Showground Alexandra Street Berry NSW
Date: Sunday 19 July 2015 
Time: Poultry Shed will open from 8.30 am to view the birds. The Auction will commence at 9.30 am

All buyers must register prior to bidding and payments are by cash only

All birds will have informational cage labels with breed, gender, age and colour to help you in the buying process. Plus knowledgeable volunteers will be happy to answer all your questions about the birds up for auction. Food and all accessories needed for your new birds will be available for purchase.

All penning fees and profits from the day will be donated to A Taste of Paradise to build them a organic permaculture garden. They are a local charity who run a Farm Based Mentoring and Work Experience Program for Young People, a Mixed Enterprise Permaculture and Organic Farm, plus have an Endangered Plant Species On Farm Conservation Project.

Parking is available inside the showground for a donation

Refreshments are available all day including free range egg and bacon rolls and gourmet coffee

If you are planning on buying some birds remember to bring boxes as we do not provide them. Also make sure they have good ventilation and are secure. 

Over 800 birds will be up for auction. As birds are advised to us we will up date the list on this page.
Large Birds: Barnevelders - Double Laced Gold, Blue, Black, Wyandottes - Silver Laced, Blue Laced Silver, Blue Laced Girl, Red Laced, Splash, Gold Laced, Hamburgs - Silver Spangled, Rhode Island Reds, Silkies, Plymouth Rocks, Orpingtons - Black and Buff,, Wellsummers, Langshan, Faverolles, ISA Browns, Ancona, Pretty Backyard layers, Polish, Minorca, Campine, Sussex - Light and Buff, French Copper Marans.

Bantams: Pekins in lots of different colours, Rhode Island Reds, Wyandottes - Partridge, Blue Partridge, White, Black, Gold Laced, Frizzles, Pitt Game, Belgian Bantams, Seabrights, Pretty cross breed bantams, Polish, Leghorns, Langshan, Sussex

Other Fowl: Appleyard Ducks, Call Ducks, Pekin Ducks, Guinea Fowl, Blue Swedish Ducks, Cayuga ducks. 

For more information please email Shayne using our contact us page or call on 0410548704

See you all there.

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